Hello 2017, let's keep an open mind, shall we?

Rupert Cornford is back at work - and leaving behind the cheese and crackers of Christmas to look ahead

We are out of the blocks on 2017. That back-to-work feeling has been acknowledged, accepted and seen off by a few days of drinking tea and planning to do some stuff when the world eventually wakes up sometime in mid-January (or, ahem, before that).

The tweeters are out in force, lamenting the days of eating cheese and sitting on the sofa, working out how to deal with people again, and sharing various new year’s resolutions that will last more than a few weeks, hopefully.

The intent is brilliant. It’s that which keeps us going, gets us back in the game and keeps the wheel turning. We’ll soon be fully embracing the desires, ambitions and goals we have set ourselves. We’ll be changing up through the gears and working out how to make it happen, once again. And it’s exciting.

The team at Carter Corson is starting this year with a bang: Clare Mulligan attended (and chaired some of) the BPS Occupational Psychology conference in Liverpool; Helen Carouzos will be speaking at Pro Manchester’s breakfast on managing stress and resilience, a big theme in business right now; and Hazel Carter-Showell will be doing a masterclass on presentation skills – ‘take that inner critic, I am getting on this stage.’ And that is just in January.

We’re also looking forward to client work in the next two months with Imperial College, KPMG, RSM, thyssenkrupp, House of Commons and Trinity College Dublin – to name a few. That’s a fair few trains and planes; it’s also plenty of minds to change. We like that bit.

Personally, I’ll continue listening, learning and understanding what’s really happening in businesses (in a post-media world). And for everyone else, don’t worry, I’ve got nowhere to publish now so it’s between you and me, OK…

What are you looking forward to about this year?

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