Interview with Rupert Cornford by Andrew Thorp

Carter Corson's head of business Rupert Cornford talks career transitions, psychology and communication in this audio interview

When Andrew Thorp got in touch to ask me if I wanted to be interviewed about changing career and joining Carter Corson, I quickly said yes. You can take the boy out of media…

What followed was an enjoyable conversation with someone who also shares a passion for communication, and an opportunity to talk about this business and what we do. It’s a good challenge for me – to see how I come across as well.

For some people, business psychology can take some explaining; for others, the role of a psychologist, coach and facilitator is more clear cut (have you seen the US drama Billions?)

But much more important are the outcomes: improved understanding of why we do what we do, relationships, understanding of inter-personal differences, reduced conflict, improved performance, confidence, ability to move forward towards a desired goal – all with a tool kit from psychology and the time taken to reflect.

Just the other day, we had feedback from one director who had attended one of our programmes four years ago – she was still using what she had learnt, and benefitting directly every day. Amazing, really. That’s the whole point.

Have a listen to this, if you want – and I hope you enjoy it (and learn something about us and you).

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