The better the question, the better the answer

I wrote a post on LinkedIn recently inviting people to share the best question they'd ever been asked. I was keen to expand some of the content I'd been writing on coaching, and the fact so many businesses rely on their people asking each other, and clients, great questions.

Great questions can really help you reflect, especially when trying to navigate a difficult challenge, or look at something in a new way. They can also help managers to understand more about what their staff are really thinking.

Great questions also open you up, rather than close you down - they invite conversation and exploration - they connect us together and help us to understand each other. 


Here's a list of questions that were shared...

What's your story?

What interests or inspires you?

What don’t you like doing?

How old is that evidence?

Are you truly sure it's not fear stopping you?

What would you do if you knew you would not fail?


We love great questions, because they show people are interested and interesting; and conversations can fly off the back of them.

Workplace relationships can also flourish, if you ask the right questions, too.

What echoes with you from the questions above? Keep them coming – / @rupertcornford