Looking back on 20 years

I hear that we don’t celebrate success or express gratitude enough in business, so I thought I’d share how proud I am of my team, as the company I founded turns 20 years old. I set out in 1999 with one colleague, to change the minds that just might change the world. No one understood my vision of combining management consultancy and person-centred psychology – it was weird. Now it isn’t.

By focusing on purpose, not profits, I am still changing minds two decades on. We may not be big or high profile, but we have quietly worked with Parliament, Russell Group Universities, FTSE plcs and high growth SMEs. So, I succeeded; to build a business when so many seemed to think a young woman couldn’t do that. I survived a brain tumour and was told I wouldn’t work again, so I simply ran my business from my hospital bed – I was stubborn, and I succeeded.

I have led my business through financial crashes, recessions, severing ties with the other founding director and needing to rebuild from the bottom up. What kept me going through days when running a business felt very lonely and hard – was our purpose. I have had the privilege to work with some amazing clients over twenty years, and I am grateful for their continued friendship and support. We are also a team who has figured out how to use each other’s strengths and forgive our weaknesses.

We have rebranded to give renewed focus to the next phase of our growth as we transform the way development is offered. More on that another time. My advice to anyone starting their own business now is to do something you love. Only love can sustain you through the tsunami of s*** you will face. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have had a blast. The exciting thing is there is still so much to do, so many minds to change that could change the world. I haven’t lost an ounce of passion for our mission. The knees might be going but, to quote David Ford, “give me one way to spend my last moments alive,…. and I’ll choose this”.

Happy 20th birthday to team purple.