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Coaching and development for a mental health charity


An Agile Leadership Programme and embedded executive coaching to support significant change in this major mental health charity.

The Challenge

Following a major shift in government funding, it became clear that a more effective way to deliver services and support would be for this charity to move to a less centrally controlled, more devolved ‘hub’ approach. In other words it was about ‘being local’, with a need to bring about a significant shift in culture and approach. Staff would need significant support to enable this to happen effectively.

The Solution

We designed and developed a bespoke leadership competency framework which formed the underpinning assessment tool within the online 360 we created especially for the client. This work has been focused on devising development that was personalised to meet the needs of individuals in their specific roles, and, in conjunction with the Senior Management Team, to ensure wide buy-in and engagement with the initiatives.

We then designed and delivered an Agile Leadership Programme to provide a range of development opportunities for senior level and embedded executive coaching to support the programme. Participants also worked together on real-life projects during the workshops, such as changing the levels at which some of their decisions are made, devolving power and authority, and empowering middle management.

We were also invited to undertake full Board and Committee observations, and, following individual and group feedback, designed a two-day development programme to support the trustees in becoming clear on their expectations of the executive committee and vice versa.

The Impact

This work has been regarded as highly successful to date; feedback includes comments such as ‘this course has re-ignited my desire to learn’, and ‘very thought-provoking’, and ‘will change how we do things (round here).’

The organisation now has an effective high functioning unitary board, silos have been broken down, and there is no longer a wall of silence inhibiting effective change.