Leadership Development

Leadership development programme for Swagelok Manchester


Managing Director, Jon Hall and his management team at Swagelok Manchester had received executive coaching for 10 years.

In 2018, he was ready to advance their leadership development programme and had reached a decisive moment.

The achievements he had in mind would require specialist support in business and psychology. The programme would provide behavioural insights and an understanding in how best to apply them at Swagelok Manchester.

Jon’s search introduced him to the Carter Corson team and they decided Hannah Johnson’s skillset was well-suited to his business.

Why business psychologists? Why Carter Corson?

Carter Corson use psychological behavioural models to analyse and explain human relationships.

As Jon explained, “Carter Corson’s qualified and experienced business psychologists have the specialisms Swagelok were seeking in people development and human behaviour.”

“We wanted to analyse leadership styles and their effect throughout the organisation; and to support management team development through mentoring and coaching,” explained Jon. “Carter Corson is well-established with the infrastructure, expertise and resources in place to support our commitment to developing people and achieving ambitious targets. They are the ideal partner.”

Jon and Hannah co-designed the leadership development programme. Each element focused on psychological theories and human behaviour modelling in the business environment to achieve positive results.

“Carter Corson came up with a model to empower decision-making across the company, personally and collectively,” emphasises Jon.

Masterclasses and coaching

The key elements of the programme were:

Over the last 12 months, Rebecca Dowling-Fox, Marketing and Communications Manager has been coached by Hannah and took part in the Masterclass programme. Impressed by the standard of coaching, Becky said: “I’m knocked out with what Hannah has done.”

Jon describes the significance of Carter Corson’s work.

“We walk right out of a coaching session and apply the science immediately.

Hannah has a unique skillset and translates highfalutin complex psychological theories and behavioural models in a way a lay person understands and can apply.

“Each of us has an accountability partner and a competency to develop.

“Especially helpful is the way our coach links together separate conversations. Hannah shares research material (perhaps an article or a book) that has been relevant to a development area. This helps us consolidate theories that are new to us and to apply them in our business.”

Hannah shares her toolkit of psychological models, theories and methods, and describes them with absolute clarity and relevance.

What has been the effect of the programme?

Everyone is involved in the programme at some level, whether by simply noticing positive differences or adopting new behaviours themselves. From warehouse to board, everyone at Swagelok Manchester learns how to live the core values in everyday tasks.

Who else would benefit?

Everyone with a passion for people development.

Leaders and their teams with ambitious goals. Jon has already recommended Carter Corson for organisational development to people in his network.

Next steps

Jon has retained Carter Corson’s services for the long term to support Swagelok Manchester’s growth.

“We are planning masterclasses to uncover emerging talent in the business to work with us as a management group.”

“The Carter Corson leadership programme has shown us how to hold each other to account, foster trust, communicate well and create a way of empowering people at all levels to make the right decisions.”

The focus for 2019 will be value alignment and the role models we live by every day. We’ll go through another 360ᵒ peer review cycle and have planned a strawman presentation later in the year.