Organisational development

Service excellence for defence manufacturer


National rollout of workshops embedding service excellence for this major defence manufacturer.

The Challenge

This organisation needed to prepare its UK Executives to lead through a period of significant organisational change. There was a requirement to equip them with the skills, capabilities and behaviours to drive in a new strategic direction known as ‘Service Excellence’ and ultimately lead a more service-focused business – a major cultural shift away from their historical manufacturing focus.

The Solution

Our solution was a one-day Service Excellence development module based on the assumption that service excellence requires a paradigm shift in values and behaviours, and we set out to introduce the latest service design thinking principles to embed service excellence in people and process development. To ensure that our design was fit for purpose we met with key stakeholders to develop a better understanding of the drivers for change, the current attitudes towards Service Excellence, and to understand the nature and quality of the company’s key customer relationships.

The Impact

This workshop has been extremely successful – it is now also delivered as a stand-alone module, and demand is high. Delegate feedback is consistently positive, with Carter Corson trainers being described as ‘lively and engaging’, ‘energetic and passionate’, and ‘inspirational’.

It has a direct impact on customer relationships, through the changes to service delivery that delegates go on to implement, and through the involvement of the organisation’s customers in that redesign.