Shaping the entire ecosystem, working with innovators and change agents

What do we mean by organisational development?

Our work includes elements such as service design thinking, staff engagement, change management and mediation. Whenever your goals involve people, we are able to help with a “real world based, very personalised programme” in the words of one of our clients.

Is your organisation experiencing major change?

Perhaps your company is undergoing a merger and acquisition. Research shows that many mergers fail when human aspects aren’t taken into account. Avoiding stress, anxiety and clashes is essential and our psychologists can help leaders implement strategies to positive effect.

Supporting thinkers, innovators and change agents

No business exists in a vacuum and nothing about it is static, as soon as one problem is detected and solved another one emerges. With 20-years of behavioural insight, we have a unique approach to person-centred, systematic change.

Improving high-value organisational relationships

We recognise the impact of change on long-term relationships. We have the expertise and experience of managing complex change with key stakeholder relationships in high confidentiality situations.

Our consultancy includes

  • Complex Change
  • Staff Survey Support
  • Expert Facilitation
  • Systems & Constellation mapping
  • Developing Competency Frameworks
  • M&A Support
  • Service Design Thinking

We do a lot of consultancy. If what you are looking for isn’t here, we are creative and believe that we can help you resolve any complex people-related issue.